Thursday, October 11, 2012

16 weeks

I was officially 16 weeks pregnant on Tuesday.. getting close to the half way point! Everything is going great with baby. He or she reminds me that they are here by the constant "morning sickness" but that is ok because it is completely worth it! Ever since the last doctors appointment Hunter has been more excited about this baby. He is already taking on the big brother role quickly by already blaming the baby for things. He did something wrong the other day and Matt asked him why did you do so and so. Hunter responds with a "I didn't do it Daddy... the baby did" Good try little one!! I'll be honest I can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. Kind of tired of calling this baby "he or she" or "brother or sister"... it is also throwing Hunter off because he starts thinking we are having a brother and a sister. Gosh sometimes I feel like I am having two, because my stomach feels like it is about to pop.. almost like I have eaten this huge meal but in reality hardly ever eat. I will have a day or two when I can eat a pretty good meal here and there but most of the time I can only hold down half of what I use to eat pre-pregnancy. I do not really have an appetite nor do I really crave anything. I have started liking Dr. Pepper again... Before I had Hunter I didn't mind the taste of Dr. Pepper, didn't crave it but didn't mind it. After I had him I couldn't stand the taste or smell of it. Now I love it!! I can't have a lot of caffeine so Matt got me the caffeine free ones... yeah so not the same no matter what he tells you! I will have my kicks of things that I enjoy for a day or two or even just that moment but Dr. Pepper is here to stay for a while I believe. I have been incredibly tired this go around.. may be because I have a 3 year old that doesn't know the meaning of stop or slow down.. it's go go go go go. Ha! I guess he is preparing me for 2 little ones around the house.

Here is a picture of me at 16 weeks.. please excuse the attire. We just got through walking and Hunter had just gotten out of the shower. He was a little jealous that I took a "belly" shot and decided he wanted one too :-)

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