Friday, October 5, 2012

15 Weeks

On Wednesday Matt and Hunter got to go with me to my 15 week check up. I realized that I have not taken any pictures of the baby “bump” so I figured I would give it a shot now. With Hunter I knew exactly what week I was in pictures without having to label them. Now with Hunter, work, pregnancy brain, Matt’s crazy work schedule.. my mind just doesn’t work as well as it did when I had no other worries when I was pregnant the first time. I asked Hunter to take a picture with me so he could hold up how many weeks I am.. trust me he really was excited, he is just trying to hold it all in!!

He didn’t quite understand the whole baby doctor visit until we actually got in the room to do a sonogram. As soon as they showed the baby on the big monitor, his eyes got so big with excitement. The tech took a bunch of pictures because this little wiggle worm was making sure that she got every arm, leg, and foot. This baby is already turning into Hunter by the way he or she moves soo much. You would think I drank a lot of caffeine but I don’t drink hardly any... it’s just in his or her genes to be active and non-stop! Baby is doing wonderful and heart rate is around 150 this time.
(I have no clue why my computer won't upload this just tilt your head a little bit)  :-)

We will hopefully get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl on Oct. 31!! I am beyond excited! Matt and I have no clue what we think it will be.. part of me says boy then ask me a week later and I think girl. I have been so sick with this pregnancy so, of course, everyone thinks it’s a girl. I was sick some with Hunter but not this much. I am ready to be able to eat normal foods and be able to do some much needed housework. However, sickness means the baby is doing great so I am not complaining too much! This week Hunter is persistent that it’s a boy.. he wants to name the baby Waffle Bacon. I told him that he will only be allowed to name our future pets not babies. This baby will thank me one day.. haha!
All in all we are doing good and very thankful for our many blessings!!

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