Sunday, August 12, 2012


This morning I woke up to the sweetest little voice singing Happy Birthday to me. It was truly the sweetest thing ever. Then he started asking me when my birthday party was... I told him that when you get older you don’t have birthday parties anymore, but I wonder.. why do we stop having birthday parties?!? We need to change that very soon! But then I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he said nothing.. that he was waiting to eat at my party. I guess in his mind we were still having a party for Mama :-) After church, Hunter went to eat with my mom and some people from the church and Matt and I went home to eat. This pregnancy has made me very sick to my stomach. The morning sickness is pretty much turned into all day sickness. I can’t eat hardly anything.. so I was definitely not up for going out to eat. Mom brought Hunter home after they ate and you could tell that he needed a nap since he was screaming and crying the whole time so I forced myself to go a nap with him.. haha (yeah right, right now I could honestly sleep all day!) Even though I didn’t feel good I really wanted to get outside and do something with the family.. so we packed up and went to the park and played on the playground and played soccer some. It really was a perfect birthday afternoon! I told him he could play if he would take one picture with me.. this was as good as it got...

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