Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation Bible School

This past week was Vacation Bible School at Grace Baptist. Mom and I planned on taking Hunter and just sticking around in case he needed us since he was in a new place. I know... I need to give him room but trust me Aunt Darnell was his teacher and there was no getting close to Hunter. She means business!  He had a blast though.. he loves “Mrs. Darnell”. I will call her Aunt Darnell and he quickly corrects me that she is MRS. DARNELL! I am glad we stuck around because we were instantly put to work and enjoyed every minute of it. It took him just a few minutes to warm up to being there but I knew he would really enjoy the music and dancing part of VBS and boy was I right! That kid learned every word and motion down pat by about the second night. He amazes me with how quick he catches on to things. He takes after his Momma.. haha jk! He and the other boys entertained everyone. At times it was only Hunter dancing around in front of everybody.. When music is on and he can dance.. he is definitely not shy!
This is him on the second night.. Aunt Darnell made them a long chain/rope thing to hold on to. I think that was a great idea because after drinking red kool-aid those kids were bursting with energy. Of course, that red kool-aid was given to them very close to the time that they had to leave and go home. Smart on their part.. bad for parents though :-)
I hate I missed the third night.. I was out of work all day sick so Matt went in my place and they put him to work instantly so he got to stick around with us the rest of the week.. yay!! I heard Hunter had a blast still. It broke my heart not to watch him having a good time but that was motivation enough to fight through whatever is wrong and be there Thursday night. This little clown was very happy and energetic on Thursday night!!! Each night the kids brought their money to put either in the pink (girl) bucket or the blue (boy) bucket. Hunter likes the color pink.. mostly I think he likes it because we tell him he can’t because pink is for girls. So where does this stinker put his money.. in the pink bucket! So this night I went with him early and helped him put the money in the right bucket... nope that didn’t work. The only thing that worked is telling him not to put it in the blue bucket... reverse psychology! The kids ended up raising close to $1600 for a Brazil mission trip that the youth leaves on the following week.
So much so that he dramatically told me that he was worn out.. haha
On the last night the kids got to perform in front of everyone their group song. I took my video camera but I guess because Hunter was the younger group they thought he wouldn’t know the motions as well and put the older age group in front of them..but Hunter proved them wrong behind them.. he was dancing up a storm. Love my little buddy! Before the performance they tried to get the little boys to take a picture. Unfortunately they had the music on too.. Lets just say Hunter is probably not in any of the pictures. He was way too busy dancing!
They moved the kids to the other side and of course he just danced to the other side. Now I know why he is my skinny boy.. he burns off anything he eats from moving around so much.
His girlfriend for the week, Nicole, danced with him down the aisle of the church. I think he was in love and that's fine with me because she is so sweet and beautiful but I am sure her fiance will have a different opinion. :-)
I had to post this. When Hunter says the blessing or pray we never have taught him to use his "praying" hands. Call us bad parents but it never came up. I am not sure if Aunt Darnell taught him or he just figured it out on his own, but the boy won my heart even more so this night. (If I would have gotten out of the way it would have been a better picture.. sorry!)

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