Monday, July 2, 2012

Train Ride

The weather has been reaching above 100 degrees lately so what better time to ride a train outdoors than now :-) We really did have fun riding the train in Calera. The ride was a little longer than the Thomas the Train ride.. which was definitely a plus! Thankfully Mrs. Paige and Gabby got to tag-a-long with us and Mimi and Pops. We do not get to see them that much so we enjoyed the company. Little Miss Gabby is so precious! She and Hunter were so funny.. they would pick on eachother and then 10 minutes later be too shy to sit by eachother. We have decided however that we will be sticking to the fall and winter time to do the ride.. haha! When we got there Hunter had been there before so he knew he could go climb on the trains so he was all for it.. however poor Gabby she wasn't so sure about the train. I think she was thinking that we were going to ride the little trains at the zoo. It took her a while to warm up but once she did she really did enjoy herself.
He acts like he doesn't want to sit next to a girl and we will remind him of this picture in a few years when he is begging for a Gabby to sit next to him ;-)

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