Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thomas' Bday Party

Hunter’s friend, Thomas, had his 5th birthday party at Tree Top Adventure in Chelsea. This was the first time that we had taken Hunter. We had wanted to but were waiting until he reached 3 so we could be sure to get our monies worth and he would be able to play and do all of the activities. Hunter had a blast!! With the birthday package the kids got to ride the go-carts. Matt had the craziest nerve to ask me who was going to drive Hunter.. haha ... Matt’s so cute!! Of course I was going to be driving him!!This was the first time that he had ridden in a go-cart so I knew he was kind of nervous but I knew he would love it. And boy did he!!
The next activity was putt-putt golfing. Or in our world it is really called putt-putt goofing around! With a 3 year old.. not many moments are serious moments so we went into the game knowing that we thankfully were going to get to cut up and enjoy the “game”. I was more afraid that he was going to pick up a golf ball, throw it and hit someone but thankfully that did not happen. Overall I think he enjoyed the idea of golfing!
The arcade games were a big hit with him. Playing basketball and things that he could actually do we put money in it so he could play.. but the motorcycle games.. he was just as content sitting on them and pretending like he was playing. Which honestly was ok with me because those games were close to $2 a piece.. INSANE! I love that he is cheaply entertained right now!

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