Monday, July 2, 2012


I was cleaning out Hunter's closet in his room the other day and he instantly saw this tent that he either got for his birthday or Christmas, not sure which one. He, of course, wanted us to get it out. He said he wanted to sleep in it but I was doubtful that he would stay in it all night. He is not a big fan of change so I kept thinking he would start out sleeping in it but an hour or so later he would cry out wanting back in his bed or in ours (yes I said ours.. he tries but it doesn't work anymore). However he proved me wrong and slept all night in it.. and has for the past few nights (plus nap time). He is so funny about that tent.. that is HIS tent. At first I couldn't even touch it but now I got the honor of laying it once. I felt so special! It looked so cozy and comfortable in there I had to try it out!

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