Saturday, July 28, 2012

Drive In Movie

We took Hunter to his first drive-in movie with his buddy Kane. We went to see Ice Age 3.. I was excited to see the movie, however I don’t know what I was thinking.. thinking that I would actually be able to watch the movie. Did you know the drive-in has rocks (gravel) and rocks are soo much fun to throw and play with.. a lot more fun that watching a funny movie!??! All in all, whether they watched a movie or played around, they had a blast. I was shocked that Hunter stayed awake as long as he did because he bed time is usually 8:30 and the movie starts at 8:30.. but he was a trooper and stayed awake until we got home around 10:30 or so. I think next time we will wait until fall time and go.. I would love to be able to snuggle in a blanket and watch a movie outside!
Gotta love him in his one green croc and one red croc!

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