Monday, July 30, 2012


(I know I can't believe I just posted the pregnancy test but you know its just a stick with the best answer in the world on it and I had to share!) We went to the doctor on July 30, 2012 to confirm if we are having another baby. Matt wanted to go with me and on this day Hunter just so happened to be with us also. I was excited that all three of us would get to be together for this event. I will be honest I was a little nervous about going to the doctor and I guess it is normal worries of maybe I had a false pregnancy test and etc. But all worries were put aside when we got to see the little sweet pea on the monitor. The doctor I had with Hunter did not provide the option to do an ultrasound except for when we went to see if he was a boy or a girl so I am enjoying getting to have many ultrasounds this time around. They have the ultrasound up on the wall that displays on a big tv screen. Matt told Hunter that the little sweet pea that was showing up was his little brother or sister. He informed me that no it was not. He is in for a shocker when that baby gets here :-) Before the appointment Hunter had fallen and hit his forehead on a window seal at the pool place and had a big goose egg on his forehead. It looked pitiful. Well when we got in the room to talk to the doctor.. Hunter jumped up on the bed type thing and laid down on the bed and pulled the lamp that was next to him over and said he was getting everything ready so the doctor could look at his head. He needed a shot and the doctor could do that! haha I don’t know if it’s because this is my second child or what but I am not as nervous this go around. With Hunter everything was new and any little thing that happened to me I almost freaked but now I will tell Matt what is going on and just say.. this is what happens! I feel like a pro!! Haha I am sure come delivery I will be whistling a different tune ;-) Overall we are very excited and can’t wait to meet this new addition come March!! We are truly blessed to be able to have two little stinkers now!

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