Monday, July 30, 2012


(I know I can't believe I just posted the pregnancy test but you know its just a stick with the best answer in the world on it and I had to share!) We went to the doctor on July 30, 2012 to confirm if we are having another baby. Matt wanted to go with me and on this day Hunter just so happened to be with us also. I was excited that all three of us would get to be together for this event. I will be honest I was a little nervous about going to the doctor and I guess it is normal worries of maybe I had a false pregnancy test and etc. But all worries were put aside when we got to see the little sweet pea on the monitor. The doctor I had with Hunter did not provide the option to do an ultrasound except for when we went to see if he was a boy or a girl so I am enjoying getting to have many ultrasounds this time around. They have the ultrasound up on the wall that displays on a big tv screen. Matt told Hunter that the little sweet pea that was showing up was his little brother or sister. He informed me that no it was not. He is in for a shocker when that baby gets here :-) Before the appointment Hunter had fallen and hit his forehead on a window seal at the pool place and had a big goose egg on his forehead. It looked pitiful. Well when we got in the room to talk to the doctor.. Hunter jumped up on the bed type thing and laid down on the bed and pulled the lamp that was next to him over and said he was getting everything ready so the doctor could look at his head. He needed a shot and the doctor could do that! haha I don’t know if it’s because this is my second child or what but I am not as nervous this go around. With Hunter everything was new and any little thing that happened to me I almost freaked but now I will tell Matt what is going on and just say.. this is what happens! I feel like a pro!! Haha I am sure come delivery I will be whistling a different tune ;-) Overall we are very excited and can’t wait to meet this new addition come March!! We are truly blessed to be able to have two little stinkers now!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Drive In Movie

We took Hunter to his first drive-in movie with his buddy Kane. We went to see Ice Age 3.. I was excited to see the movie, however I don’t know what I was thinking.. thinking that I would actually be able to watch the movie. Did you know the drive-in has rocks (gravel) and rocks are soo much fun to throw and play with.. a lot more fun that watching a funny movie!??! All in all, whether they watched a movie or played around, they had a blast. I was shocked that Hunter stayed awake as long as he did because he bed time is usually 8:30 and the movie starts at 8:30.. but he was a trooper and stayed awake until we got home around 10:30 or so. I think next time we will wait until fall time and go.. I would love to be able to snuggle in a blanket and watch a movie outside!
Gotta love him in his one green croc and one red croc!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Picking Blueberries

Since the weather has been so hot lately we haven’t had many opportunities to do our annual blueberry picking at Grammy and Grandads. One evening as Hunter was riding his gator, the sky was overcast and I thought it would be a perfect time to let him ride his gator around in the country and allow Matt and me to get some blueberries picked. The sun has dried a lot of them up but we were able to get atleast a gallon or two.
Hunter thought it would be funny to chase mommy all over the yard!!! If I wasn’t paying attention he would run over my leg so I had to make sure I was always on guard. He is just teaching me life lessons (to always watch my back).. haha!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation Bible School

This past week was Vacation Bible School at Grace Baptist. Mom and I planned on taking Hunter and just sticking around in case he needed us since he was in a new place. I know... I need to give him room but trust me Aunt Darnell was his teacher and there was no getting close to Hunter. She means business!  He had a blast though.. he loves “Mrs. Darnell”. I will call her Aunt Darnell and he quickly corrects me that she is MRS. DARNELL! I am glad we stuck around because we were instantly put to work and enjoyed every minute of it. It took him just a few minutes to warm up to being there but I knew he would really enjoy the music and dancing part of VBS and boy was I right! That kid learned every word and motion down pat by about the second night. He amazes me with how quick he catches on to things. He takes after his Momma.. haha jk! He and the other boys entertained everyone. At times it was only Hunter dancing around in front of everybody.. When music is on and he can dance.. he is definitely not shy!
This is him on the second night.. Aunt Darnell made them a long chain/rope thing to hold on to. I think that was a great idea because after drinking red kool-aid those kids were bursting with energy. Of course, that red kool-aid was given to them very close to the time that they had to leave and go home. Smart on their part.. bad for parents though :-)
I hate I missed the third night.. I was out of work all day sick so Matt went in my place and they put him to work instantly so he got to stick around with us the rest of the week.. yay!! I heard Hunter had a blast still. It broke my heart not to watch him having a good time but that was motivation enough to fight through whatever is wrong and be there Thursday night. This little clown was very happy and energetic on Thursday night!!! Each night the kids brought their money to put either in the pink (girl) bucket or the blue (boy) bucket. Hunter likes the color pink.. mostly I think he likes it because we tell him he can’t because pink is for girls. So where does this stinker put his money.. in the pink bucket! So this night I went with him early and helped him put the money in the right bucket... nope that didn’t work. The only thing that worked is telling him not to put it in the blue bucket... reverse psychology! The kids ended up raising close to $1600 for a Brazil mission trip that the youth leaves on the following week.
So much so that he dramatically told me that he was worn out.. haha
On the last night the kids got to perform in front of everyone their group song. I took my video camera but I guess because Hunter was the younger group they thought he wouldn’t know the motions as well and put the older age group in front of them..but Hunter proved them wrong behind them.. he was dancing up a storm. Love my little buddy! Before the performance they tried to get the little boys to take a picture. Unfortunately they had the music on too.. Lets just say Hunter is probably not in any of the pictures. He was way too busy dancing!
They moved the kids to the other side and of course he just danced to the other side. Now I know why he is my skinny boy.. he burns off anything he eats from moving around so much.
His girlfriend for the week, Nicole, danced with him down the aisle of the church. I think he was in love and that's fine with me because she is so sweet and beautiful but I am sure her fiance will have a different opinion. :-)
I had to post this. When Hunter says the blessing or pray we never have taught him to use his "praying" hands. Call us bad parents but it never came up. I am not sure if Aunt Darnell taught him or he just figured it out on his own, but the boy won my heart even more so this night. (If I would have gotten out of the way it would have been a better picture.. sorry!)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thomas' Bday Party

Hunter’s friend, Thomas, had his 5th birthday party at Tree Top Adventure in Chelsea. This was the first time that we had taken Hunter. We had wanted to but were waiting until he reached 3 so we could be sure to get our monies worth and he would be able to play and do all of the activities. Hunter had a blast!! With the birthday package the kids got to ride the go-carts. Matt had the craziest nerve to ask me who was going to drive Hunter.. haha ... Matt’s so cute!! Of course I was going to be driving him!!This was the first time that he had ridden in a go-cart so I knew he was kind of nervous but I knew he would love it. And boy did he!!
The next activity was putt-putt golfing. Or in our world it is really called putt-putt goofing around! With a 3 year old.. not many moments are serious moments so we went into the game knowing that we thankfully were going to get to cut up and enjoy the “game”. I was more afraid that he was going to pick up a golf ball, throw it and hit someone but thankfully that did not happen. Overall I think he enjoyed the idea of golfing!
The arcade games were a big hit with him. Playing basketball and things that he could actually do we put money in it so he could play.. but the motorcycle games.. he was just as content sitting on them and pretending like he was playing. Which honestly was ok with me because those games were close to $2 a piece.. INSANE! I love that he is cheaply entertained right now!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hunter has gone fishing a couple of times and each time he is a typically three year old and doesn’t want to sit still or let his rod be still long enough for a fish to bite. I can’t really blame him because that is why I haven’t ever enjoyed fishing because I can’t sit still and hold a rod for hours.. doesn’t seem appealing to me. Matt kept saying that he wished he could get Hunter still long enough to catch one because after that he will probably love it. Well guess what?!?! HE CAUGHT ONE!!! Matt went to his mom and dad’s this morning to help work in the garden and I guess they got a little side tracked and decided to do some fishing in the pond.. sure glad they did!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

The 4th of July fell on a Wednesday this year which means we really couldn't stay out late on Wednesday night because I have work the next morning. I think the 4th should always fall on a Friday so that we have Friday through Sunday off. However, since the world does not revolve around my wishes we decided to go to Chelsea Park and watch their fireworks on July 3rd. Our wonderful friends, Paige and Daniel (and their sweet little girl, Gabby), invited us to tag-a-long with them and we are so glad that we did. Hunter loves fireworks and so do I!
We went to eat at a pizza place in Chelsea, the service was a little slow so once we got our food we packed it up and drove down to Chelsea Park to get a good parking spot to watch the fireworks and eat our food. Hunter and Gabby loved it because they could play in the dirt and were not bothering anything. Paige's sweet mom got the kids glow sticks to play with... which Hunter was beyond thrilled about!! We tried to take a picture of Gabby and Hunter because they were kind of dressed alike but, of course, that wasn't going to happen :-) I should have told them that I didn't want a picture and maybe they would have posed for me just once.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I was cleaning out Hunter's closet in his room the other day and he instantly saw this tent that he either got for his birthday or Christmas, not sure which one. He, of course, wanted us to get it out. He said he wanted to sleep in it but I was doubtful that he would stay in it all night. He is not a big fan of change so I kept thinking he would start out sleeping in it but an hour or so later he would cry out wanting back in his bed or in ours (yes I said ours.. he tries but it doesn't work anymore). However he proved me wrong and slept all night in it.. and has for the past few nights (plus nap time). He is so funny about that tent.. that is HIS tent. At first I couldn't even touch it but now I got the honor of laying it once. I felt so special! It looked so cozy and comfortable in there I had to try it out!

Train Ride

The weather has been reaching above 100 degrees lately so what better time to ride a train outdoors than now :-) We really did have fun riding the train in Calera. The ride was a little longer than the Thomas the Train ride.. which was definitely a plus! Thankfully Mrs. Paige and Gabby got to tag-a-long with us and Mimi and Pops. We do not get to see them that much so we enjoyed the company. Little Miss Gabby is so precious! She and Hunter were so funny.. they would pick on eachother and then 10 minutes later be too shy to sit by eachother. We have decided however that we will be sticking to the fall and winter time to do the ride.. haha! When we got there Hunter had been there before so he knew he could go climb on the trains so he was all for it.. however poor Gabby she wasn't so sure about the train. I think she was thinking that we were going to ride the little trains at the zoo. It took her a while to warm up but once she did she really did enjoy herself.
He acts like he doesn't want to sit next to a girl and we will remind him of this picture in a few years when he is begging for a Gabby to sit next to him ;-)