Monday, June 11, 2012

Day with Mimi and Pops

Friday Hunter didn't want to go to VBS and Matt had to take his mom to the doctor for a follow up and we really didn't want to take Hunter to the doctor... thankfully my mom was off of work and gladly said that she would keep him. I didn't drop Hunter off by her house but I am sure he was beyond thrilled to be going to Mimi and Pops. Once he is over there is takes all we can to convince him to come home. Mom and Hunter met me for lunch at the Mexican place and we had a blast eating chips and salsa (his favorite) and coloring! Then he got to go to the park... When I got off work I too him some clothes so he could spend the night. Matt and I were going to have to get up early the next morning to take Sara, Luke and Taylor (our nieces and nephew) to see their dad who was at Brookwood in ICU. He had to have surgery Saturday morning and we just hated for Hunter to have to hang around the hospital possibly all day long. I brought him some toys to play with but especially his bubble blower, he loves anything that involves water or bubbles! When I got there Mimi had let him play with her older digital camera... He did pretty good after a little practice. You can tell his first pictures because he little finger kept getting in the way of the actual picture. Mimi said he was doing good because he had a lot of practice watching us take soooo many pictures of him :-)

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