Sunday, May 27, 2012


Temporary Tattoo's are a big hit in our family now. A couple of months ago Hunter got one in a kids meal at Burger King or some fast food place and was hooked. Well of course I didn't have much luck finding them anywhere in a store. I remember seeing them when I was little in the "gum ball" machines in front of walmart but they aren't there anymore :-( Mimi got him some for Easter and he put a couple of them on and then they disappeared. Still have no clue where they went. It's kind of like the Daddy Day Care DVD that myteriously disappeared from our house. We will probably find them if we move to another house one day. Mimi came to the rescue and took Hunter to Walgreen's and found some pirate and dinosaur tattoo's. He is in heaven!He wanted to wear a bunch of them but thankfully Mimi talked him into only wearing 3. He wanted them on his feet, belly, etc. He is such a mess! He looked wonderful going to church the next day... I was certain we were going to be kicked out. :-) We have also been swimming a lot lately and the salt water is making them come off... which is even better to him because he gets to wear more! Here are the pictures mom "Mimi" sent me the day they found the tattoo's...

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