Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Matt had Hunter today and had to keep an eye on Luke and Sara so what's the easiest thing to do when you have that many kids... that's right.. SWIM! I came over once I got off of work at 2. When I walked up, Hunter was jumping off the side of the pool all by himself and not really jumping to anyone, then climbing out of the pool and doing it all over it again. He is such a big boy and changing more and more everyday. I swam and played with him the whole time except for the last 30 minutes of the night and boy am I beat, I just wish I had an ounce of his energy. Besides a fun work out, swimming does make you sleep good because as I am typing this, Hunter is sound asleep (early bedtime and I don't mind because I am about to crash myself)
*We did encounter an injury. Hunter was jumping in the pool and didn't give Matt time to move out of the way and Hunter's tooth went right into Matt's eyebrow. It sliced it open.. absolutely nasty. It confirmed that I could not be an nurse. We weren't sure if he was going to have to have stitches or not but remembered that it is not recommended to stitch up a dog or human bite because of the bacteria. We got him some of the steril strips to help heal it together. Hunter just kept saying that he broke Daddy's eyebrow :-)

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