Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinning Ceremony

Matt did it!! We are so proud of him!! He is finally through with RN school and is now participating in the pinning ceremony. We ordered Matt's pin months ago but for some reason his never came in.. so thankfully Matt's sister, Tanya, had her's from where she has graduated from Alabama, Samford, etc. We decided Saturday night for the ceremony.. he will be from Samford :-) Matt has worked hard for one year during his basics and two years during his nursing classes. It has been very challenging for him to juggle the demanding schedule of school and still try to see his family some. We knew this had to have been God's will or else we wouldn't have been able to make it this far on just my income and etc. God is good and all the glory goes to him. I hope Hunter will one day see the sacrifices that Matt and I made and grow from it and realize that we put God first. God never said it would be easy but he definitely said it would be worth it.. and so far it has definitely been worth it. He mentioned in his "thank you" portion that he was now going to try to catch up on two years worth of honey do's. Let's see if he can keep up with my big list :-) JK!
Oh yeah.. Hunter was really good through the ceremony. I mean he got up a few times but for a 2 year old he did very good. The most memorable moment had to have been when my mother was sitting in her pew (the ceremony was at First Baptist) and Hunter was standing in the back with me.. he goes running to be near her pew and says in a loud whisper, "hey mimi... I gotta poopoo". Really Hunter?! :-)

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