Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hot Dogs and Smores

Today I got a wonderful phone call at work from the sweetest little boy saying that he wants hot dogs and smores tonight... And that is exactly what we had! We cooked our hot dogs and roasted our marshmellows on the fire pit that we have in the back yard. It was fun and Hunter was a typical 2 year old. :-) Matt and Hunter cooking their hot dogs....
Hunter wanted everything on his hot dog then once we got it on there he changed his mind.. he only wanted mustard and ketchup. I am truly glad that he is not as picky of an eater as I am!
Me and Hunter roasting our marshmellows for our smores...
Do you think Hunter likes smores???? That would be a no.. He likes the ingredients but only seperate. This is what he prefers to eat...which is chocolate and marshmellows

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