Monday, May 7, 2012

Heaven or Hell

As a parent it is our job to teach and guide our children in the way of God. Well yesterday while eating breakfast I had this urge to really talk about heaven and hell with Hunter. I had to figure out a way to explain what heaven and hell was in “child” terms. Talking about the streets of gold wouldn’t seem that “cool” to an almost 3 year old. So I started off asking him if he knew which way heaven was... and of course he pointed up. I then asked him if he knew that was where Jesus was? He seemed more interested at that time. I was trying to come up with all of the things that he enjoyed and loved to make him see the difference in heaven and hell.. heaven had all the good things, hell had the worst things imaginable there. So I told him that in heaven there would be a lot of singing, dancing, and etc and then he asked if they would have candy canes, rainbows, and trains. I told him of course... Jesus knew exactly what he wanted and would make him happy. Now on the hell part, keep in mind that Hunter is terrified of the dark and tells me all the time that there are monsters everywhere. At times he is so serious that it actually freaks me out but I would never tell him that. When I was telling him about “down there” I was explaining how it is sooo hot and there are monsters everywhere. Hoping it would scare him to death and never ever consider straying from God. However, this little boy said “Really? I want to see them” I kept telling him nooo that once you go you can’t ever come back. He still didn’t let up.. he wanted to see them for one minute he said. I told him that it is dark and Mommy nor Daddy will be there.. we will be in Heaven. He still was like I want to see them for one minute. I was thinking to myself this conversation is not going as planned. Then Matt had to go run an errand right quick and Hunter went with him.. Matt said Hunter started talking about Heaven and how he wanted to go there one day. I am so thankful that he said that because I was really starting to get worried that he was going to not see hell or “down there” as a scary place that we never want to see. On a different note... I just had to brag for a minute and said that Matt is finished with Nursing School now!!! I know he is so excited and we are beyond proud of him. He is an amazing man! We have his pinning ceremony (which he is not thrilled about) this Sat and he signs up this week to take his boards. Hopefully he will be able to take them before July or so.. cross our fingers...

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