Friday, May 25, 2012


Lately Hunter has shown a big interest in fishing. When we would go to Academy he would pass the fishing poles and get very excited and want one. We knew his birthday was coming up so we told him to wait and see if he gets one. Well his sweet cousin Luke bought him one for his birthday! He was beyond thrilled! Luke enjoys fishing too so Matt and Grammy took them fishing at Mrs. Rhonda's house so that the boys could play with her boys. They had a blast. They played in the woods and in the creek, dug in the dirt for worms, fished, cooked hot dogs, and ate watermelon. Pretty much the typical fun summer day. That is all that he talks about now and really wants to go back. They fished by using hot dogs as the bait. Hunter wasn't too fond of this.. Matt said he kept saying "No the fish can't have my hot dogs" :-) We are still working on the sharing thing. If I was with him I would much rather use hot dogs instead of trying to get a worm on a hook.. but who am I kidding, I can't be still or quiet long enough to be successful at fishing. Oh and we have been trying for over a year to get him to wear overalls. He would agree to them but once we started to put them on him he would insist we take them off. Well Matt jokingly told him that if he goes fishing he has to wear his overalls.. and surprisingly Hunter agreed. I am so glad because he look just too darn cute in them!

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