Sunday, May 20, 2012

3rd Birthday

We had Hunter's 3rd birthday party Saturday evening at my dad's house (Pawpaw and Nana's). We had his party their last year and it was absolutely perfect. The kids can run around and play outside and the adults can chase after them or sit and talk because they know the kids are perfectly fine and having a blast. This year was no different! Hunter has been talking about his birthday party since around February. He decided he wanted to have a Chuggington themed party. Little did I know at the time.. it is soooo hard to find Chuggington stuff for parties. I ended up making his invitations this year because the only invitations I could find (had to order them of course) were extremely expensive. I found some Chuggington rings to go on the cupcakes and just a train pinata. The pinata has been has been a hit each year... but of course anything with candy is a hit :-) I still can't believe my little stinker is 3 but I have to say these have been the most amazing three years of my life. He has made this little family complete and whole. He loves to pick on me (he is just like his Daddy) and drive me insane at times but honestly I don't know what I would do without him. I love ya little man!! Here are some pictures from his party... Each year we try to take a family picture.. well I happened to be on my brother's dirt bike and Hunter wanted on it too so I figured why not.. perfect time for a picture :-)
And then today for Hunter's actual birthday he wanted to go swimming at Aunt Tanya's after church. This is him telling me how old he is now and then him with his bubble blower having a good time...breaks me heart but am so glad that he is growing more every day, he is healthy and a very happy little boy!

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