Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Matt had Hunter today and had to keep an eye on Luke and Sara so what's the easiest thing to do when you have that many kids... that's right.. SWIM! I came over once I got off of work at 2. When I walked up, Hunter was jumping off the side of the pool all by himself and not really jumping to anyone, then climbing out of the pool and doing it all over it again. He is such a big boy and changing more and more everyday. I swam and played with him the whole time except for the last 30 minutes of the night and boy am I beat, I just wish I had an ounce of his energy. Besides a fun work out, swimming does make you sleep good because as I am typing this, Hunter is sound asleep (early bedtime and I don't mind because I am about to crash myself)
*We did encounter an injury. Hunter was jumping in the pool and didn't give Matt time to move out of the way and Hunter's tooth went right into Matt's eyebrow. It sliced it open.. absolutely nasty. It confirmed that I could not be an nurse. We weren't sure if he was going to have to have stitches or not but remembered that it is not recommended to stitch up a dog or human bite because of the bacteria. We got him some of the steril strips to help heal it together. Hunter just kept saying that he broke Daddy's eyebrow :-)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

We celebrated Memorial Day by going to Mrs. Lovie's and enjoying her pool and eating good food. Hunter has been a little reserved about pools so far this year but didn't want to use floaties/ swimmies, he just wanted to wear his life jacket. Well after getting in Mrs. Lovie's pool he told me he didn't like the life jacket because he felt like he was going to float away. Thankfully there was an extra pair of swimmies that he could use for the day and boy did he have fun. It took him a little bit to gain our trust that he was not going to drown or go under and once he did there was no stopping him. He had a blast and we litterally had to drag him out of the pool. He loved the water gun they had...
Hunter, Seth and Ross swimming and have a wonderful time together..

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Temporary Tattoo's are a big hit in our family now. A couple of months ago Hunter got one in a kids meal at Burger King or some fast food place and was hooked. Well of course I didn't have much luck finding them anywhere in a store. I remember seeing them when I was little in the "gum ball" machines in front of walmart but they aren't there anymore :-( Mimi got him some for Easter and he put a couple of them on and then they disappeared. Still have no clue where they went. It's kind of like the Daddy Day Care DVD that myteriously disappeared from our house. We will probably find them if we move to another house one day. Mimi came to the rescue and took Hunter to Walgreen's and found some pirate and dinosaur tattoo's. He is in heaven!He wanted to wear a bunch of them but thankfully Mimi talked him into only wearing 3. He wanted them on his feet, belly, etc. He is such a mess! He looked wonderful going to church the next day... I was certain we were going to be kicked out. :-) We have also been swimming a lot lately and the salt water is making them come off... which is even better to him because he gets to wear more! Here are the pictures mom "Mimi" sent me the day they found the tattoo's...

Friday, May 25, 2012


Lately Hunter has shown a big interest in fishing. When we would go to Academy he would pass the fishing poles and get very excited and want one. We knew his birthday was coming up so we told him to wait and see if he gets one. Well his sweet cousin Luke bought him one for his birthday! He was beyond thrilled! Luke enjoys fishing too so Matt and Grammy took them fishing at Mrs. Rhonda's house so that the boys could play with her boys. They had a blast. They played in the woods and in the creek, dug in the dirt for worms, fished, cooked hot dogs, and ate watermelon. Pretty much the typical fun summer day. That is all that he talks about now and really wants to go back. They fished by using hot dogs as the bait. Hunter wasn't too fond of this.. Matt said he kept saying "No the fish can't have my hot dogs" :-) We are still working on the sharing thing. If I was with him I would much rather use hot dogs instead of trying to get a worm on a hook.. but who am I kidding, I can't be still or quiet long enough to be successful at fishing. Oh and we have been trying for over a year to get him to wear overalls. He would agree to them but once we started to put them on him he would insist we take them off. Well Matt jokingly told him that if he goes fishing he has to wear his overalls.. and surprisingly Hunter agreed. I am so glad because he look just too darn cute in them!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It is now the time to start working in Grammy's garden and getting those fresh vegetable seeds ready to plant. This year Matt went to the garden as soon as he was through with school and started tilling up the soil so that Grammy can plant the seeds of her choice. Hunter was eager to tag along.. any time to work in the dirt is a dream come true to him! Matt said he was a big help for a while but would rather just play in the dirt with his trucks and other toys. I don't blame him one bit.. I would rather play too! These are the pictures Matt sent me with his phone.. sorry if they are blurry :-/

Sunday, May 20, 2012

3rd Birthday

We had Hunter's 3rd birthday party Saturday evening at my dad's house (Pawpaw and Nana's). We had his party their last year and it was absolutely perfect. The kids can run around and play outside and the adults can chase after them or sit and talk because they know the kids are perfectly fine and having a blast. This year was no different! Hunter has been talking about his birthday party since around February. He decided he wanted to have a Chuggington themed party. Little did I know at the time.. it is soooo hard to find Chuggington stuff for parties. I ended up making his invitations this year because the only invitations I could find (had to order them of course) were extremely expensive. I found some Chuggington rings to go on the cupcakes and just a train pinata. The pinata has been has been a hit each year... but of course anything with candy is a hit :-) I still can't believe my little stinker is 3 but I have to say these have been the most amazing three years of my life. He has made this little family complete and whole. He loves to pick on me (he is just like his Daddy) and drive me insane at times but honestly I don't know what I would do without him. I love ya little man!! Here are some pictures from his party... Each year we try to take a family picture.. well I happened to be on my brother's dirt bike and Hunter wanted on it too so I figured why not.. perfect time for a picture :-)
And then today for Hunter's actual birthday he wanted to go swimming at Aunt Tanya's after church. This is him telling me how old he is now and then him with his bubble blower having a good time...breaks me heart but am so glad that he is growing more every day, he is healthy and a very happy little boy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinning Ceremony

Matt did it!! We are so proud of him!! He is finally through with RN school and is now participating in the pinning ceremony. We ordered Matt's pin months ago but for some reason his never came in.. so thankfully Matt's sister, Tanya, had her's from where she has graduated from Alabama, Samford, etc. We decided Saturday night for the ceremony.. he will be from Samford :-) Matt has worked hard for one year during his basics and two years during his nursing classes. It has been very challenging for him to juggle the demanding schedule of school and still try to see his family some. We knew this had to have been God's will or else we wouldn't have been able to make it this far on just my income and etc. God is good and all the glory goes to him. I hope Hunter will one day see the sacrifices that Matt and I made and grow from it and realize that we put God first. God never said it would be easy but he definitely said it would be worth it.. and so far it has definitely been worth it. He mentioned in his "thank you" portion that he was now going to try to catch up on two years worth of honey do's. Let's see if he can keep up with my big list :-) JK!
Oh yeah.. Hunter was really good through the ceremony. I mean he got up a few times but for a 2 year old he did very good. The most memorable moment had to have been when my mother was sitting in her pew (the ceremony was at First Baptist) and Hunter was standing in the back with me.. he goes running to be near her pew and says in a loud whisper, "hey mimi... I gotta poopoo". Really Hunter?! :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hot Dogs and Smores

Today I got a wonderful phone call at work from the sweetest little boy saying that he wants hot dogs and smores tonight... And that is exactly what we had! We cooked our hot dogs and roasted our marshmellows on the fire pit that we have in the back yard. It was fun and Hunter was a typical 2 year old. :-) Matt and Hunter cooking their hot dogs....
Hunter wanted everything on his hot dog then once we got it on there he changed his mind.. he only wanted mustard and ketchup. I am truly glad that he is not as picky of an eater as I am!
Me and Hunter roasting our marshmellows for our smores...
Do you think Hunter likes smores???? That would be a no.. He likes the ingredients but only seperate. This is what he prefers to eat...which is chocolate and marshmellows

Monday, May 7, 2012

Heaven or Hell

As a parent it is our job to teach and guide our children in the way of God. Well yesterday while eating breakfast I had this urge to really talk about heaven and hell with Hunter. I had to figure out a way to explain what heaven and hell was in “child” terms. Talking about the streets of gold wouldn’t seem that “cool” to an almost 3 year old. So I started off asking him if he knew which way heaven was... and of course he pointed up. I then asked him if he knew that was where Jesus was? He seemed more interested at that time. I was trying to come up with all of the things that he enjoyed and loved to make him see the difference in heaven and hell.. heaven had all the good things, hell had the worst things imaginable there. So I told him that in heaven there would be a lot of singing, dancing, and etc and then he asked if they would have candy canes, rainbows, and trains. I told him of course... Jesus knew exactly what he wanted and would make him happy. Now on the hell part, keep in mind that Hunter is terrified of the dark and tells me all the time that there are monsters everywhere. At times he is so serious that it actually freaks me out but I would never tell him that. When I was telling him about “down there” I was explaining how it is sooo hot and there are monsters everywhere. Hoping it would scare him to death and never ever consider straying from God. However, this little boy said “Really? I want to see them” I kept telling him nooo that once you go you can’t ever come back. He still didn’t let up.. he wanted to see them for one minute he said. I told him that it is dark and Mommy nor Daddy will be there.. we will be in Heaven. He still was like I want to see them for one minute. I was thinking to myself this conversation is not going as planned. Then Matt had to go run an errand right quick and Hunter went with him.. Matt said Hunter started talking about Heaven and how he wanted to go there one day. I am so thankful that he said that because I was really starting to get worried that he was going to not see hell or “down there” as a scary place that we never want to see. On a different note... I just had to brag for a minute and said that Matt is finished with Nursing School now!!! I know he is so excited and we are beyond proud of him. He is an amazing man! We have his pinning ceremony (which he is not thrilled about) this Sat and he signs up this week to take his boards. Hopefully he will be able to take them before July or so.. cross our fingers...