Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Eve

The Saturday before Easter we went to my Aunt Darnell’s house in Childersburg to hunt eggs. All of the kids love Aunt Darnell because she spoils them rotten! After practicing the week before at Grace Baptist he was now an egg hunting pro. He did wonderful but he is also very sweet when he hunts... if another smaller kid is going towards the same egg he will let that kid get it. I hope this generosity stays with him for years to come. He had a blast hunting eggs, playing baseball, swinging in the swing with Uncle Collin, and eating his chewing gum that his wonderful MawMaw gave him :-)
My Dad "Pawpaw" and Hunter love to mess with eachother

After that we went to Grammy and Grandad’s to eat and hunt eggs. All of those kids are so much fun to watch.

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