Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter at Grace Baptist

We started the Easter celebrations the Sunday before Easter by going to a egg hunter at my parent’s church. I went to this church as a child some and most of my Dad’s family goes there so it is basically like home to me. The people there are very sweet and love Hunter to death. He had fun finding eggs!

Aunt Darnell gave him a chocolate bunny as he went in the door from hunting and he guarded that thing with all his might. If someone wanted to see how many eggs he found he would grab that bunny out first and hide it behind his back and then let them look in his basket. It was too funny!

Of course who could turn down doing flips with Daddy 

Finally Mimi and Pops showed Hunter that there was candy in the eggs. He couldn’t care less about the bunny right now cause he has more candy!!

(and then there is me, not so happy that he found the candy and eating it before supper.. haha)

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