Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 2

The weather was absolutely perfect!! Matt’s mom and I got burned on the first full day in the sun (yes we wore sunscreen) but since it wasn’t hot outside and the wind was blowing a little.. we never got hot so we never realized until we got in the room that we were more tender than we had planned to be. Thankfully we had an umbrella so I just camped out under it some and was perfectly fine. The water was freezing to me but that didn’t stop Hunter... he wanted to play in the ocean from sun up to sun down. He would come out of the water to grab a snack and his poor little body would be shaking he was so cold.

It is a Brannen tradition that Grandad digs a hole every time at the beach with his grandkids. This was the first year Hunter got to really pitch it.. however he loves to mess with people and every time they would dig sand out of the hole.. Hunter would throw sand back in the hole. They still managed to dig a big hole somehow.

That night we went to Boondocks to eat and attempted to take one family picture.

I love this one because it is so typical Hunter!

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