Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beach Time- Day 1

At the end of March we got to take a much needed beach trip to Panama City with Matt’s parents..his sister and her family. With this being the last semester of school for Matt, things are getting very stressful for him so we knew we needed to take this trip. Also, once he starts working we aren’t sure how much more he will be able to take a longer trip. We got to stay 5 days and 4 was wonderful.
On the way to the beach we traveled during the day so we knew that we were going to have to make frequent stops to allow Hunter to release some energy :-)

We stopped at our usual Chick fil a to eat at and then went to the train museum in Troy. We knew all Hunter would want to do is sell the big train at the front of the museum so we were letting him look at it (he actually wanted us to ride it) and then noticed that there was a sign that you had to pay $6 a person to walk through the outdoor museum. The gate was open so we never saw the sign until Hunter had already been looking at the train for about 30 minutes. I knew Hunter didn’t care about anything else there so we just snuck out cause $6 per person just to look at one train that we have already been looking at was not in our budget.. haha! He didn’t care he was content that he got to see the big Black James as he called it.

It was getting close to his nap time so I was hoping he would go to sleep since he was in need of a nap really bad... he fell asleep but I wanted to stop at Sikes and Konn’s to try on some shoes so Matt sat in the car with him so he would stay asleep. I wasn’t in the car more than 15 minutes when a little sleepy boy snuck up on me because he was wide awake from his “nap” and wanted his mommy. I was so hoping he wasn’t going to be in a bad mood the rest of the trip from not having a good nap but he wasn’t :-)

When we arrived at Emerald Isle condo’s we were more than impressed with our room. It was super nice and Hunter was just thrilled we were at the beach and the ocean.
Once we unloaded the car and got everything in the room, Matt and I went to the grocery store while Grammy and Grandad took Sara, Luke and Hunter to the beach to play for a little bit.

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