Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family Fun

Lately we have enjoyed the wonderful weather and tried to be outside as much as possible. Matt only has a a couple of more weeks of school left and then he will have graduated the RN program at CACC. We are so proud of all of the hard work he has done to complete the program and graduate. The stress of classes ending has gotten to all of the students so Matt, Hunter and I have tried to get outside, relax and enjoy eachother's company. I was watering flowers the other day and accidently got Hunter wet (accidently? I doubt it!) so as pay back he went and grabbed his water gun... that little stinker!
We have also taken Hunter on his first Kayaking trip. Matt's brother, Shane, and his daughter, Elainah, were in town and so he brought his Kayak's and we all went to Hatchett Creek bright and early one morning. The water was freezing but we had a good time. Luke and I were the only ones that fell out of our Kayaks... but we were troopers! It wasn't supposed to rain that morning so we decided to take a longer path so we could ride a lot longer. However right after I fell in the water and was freezing cold.. it started raining lightly and then pouring down raining. We were all freezing cold. We wrapped Hunter and Elainah in three or four life jackets trying to cover every inch of their little bodies so they could stay warm. It definately worked because they were both asleep in about 30 minutes. I told Matt I enjoyed the trip but just felt like I was on the show Survivor when it started raining because I was wet, cold, hungry, tired, etc and we were just trying everything we could to get back to the truck quicker. I never wanted to be on that show and I definitely don't want to now... haha! Over all it was a lot of fun and we were all very sore when we got through.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 5

The day we had to go home we didn’t have a time schedule or anything because Matt’s parents were staying one more night in the room so we didn’t have to check out early. Hunter begged (yeah right) for us to go down to the beach so we could play some more. I went down and played some while our clothes were in the wash (I use to never wash my clothes before I left but then when I got home I would have soo much dirty laundry). Hunter was in a playful mood and was the sweetest thing ever.

He now loves the game where he imitates the other person. For example, I put my hand on my head then he does too. He thinks it is so funny. Well I decided to change the rules and I imitate him.. He got the biggest kick out of it! He brings so much joy to Matt and I. I honestly don’t know what we would do without him, besides sleep.. haha jk Hunter!

He also got to practice surfing with Matt!

Day 4

All three of us got to spend some quality time on the beach this day. It was nice just to be together and do something with just us three. We walked on the beach and found sea shells, ate nutter butters , and then threw sand on Daddy!! 

We also got to eat Hunter’s favorite, TACO BELL! Hunter is not a real picky eater but he is at the same time.... but he will eat the mess out of a taco at Taco Bell. Therefore, I don’t mind ever going there as long as he will eat.

This was our last night at the beach so before bed we told Hunter that we would have to go home... poor guy pretty much started crying saying he didn’t want to go home. It was pitiful and about 5 more minutes of him being sad and I would have bought a house in Florida and we would have stayed forever. My bank account thanks him for not being sad much longer.

Day 3

We had a blast on the beach and decided that we would go out to Angelo’s for supper. We knew Hunter would like to see the “Gus” the big bull in the front of the restaurant. I tried so hard to get a picture of him being still beside the bull but he does like to mess with me so as soon as I pulled out the camera he started running around, dancing, doing whatever it took to not be still. After about 100 pictures I might have managed to get 3 of him standing still. He loved big ol’ Gus!

Day 2

The weather was absolutely perfect!! Matt’s mom and I got burned on the first full day in the sun (yes we wore sunscreen) but since it wasn’t hot outside and the wind was blowing a little.. we never got hot so we never realized until we got in the room that we were more tender than we had planned to be. Thankfully we had an umbrella so I just camped out under it some and was perfectly fine. The water was freezing to me but that didn’t stop Hunter... he wanted to play in the ocean from sun up to sun down. He would come out of the water to grab a snack and his poor little body would be shaking he was so cold.

It is a Brannen tradition that Grandad digs a hole every time at the beach with his grandkids. This was the first year Hunter got to really pitch it.. however he loves to mess with people and every time they would dig sand out of the hole.. Hunter would throw sand back in the hole. They still managed to dig a big hole somehow.

That night we went to Boondocks to eat and attempted to take one family picture.

I love this one because it is so typical Hunter!

Beach Time- Day 1

At the end of March we got to take a much needed beach trip to Panama City with Matt’s parents..his sister and her family. With this being the last semester of school for Matt, things are getting very stressful for him so we knew we needed to take this trip. Also, once he starts working we aren’t sure how much more he will be able to take a longer trip. We got to stay 5 days and 4 was wonderful.
On the way to the beach we traveled during the day so we knew that we were going to have to make frequent stops to allow Hunter to release some energy :-)

We stopped at our usual Chick fil a to eat at and then went to the train museum in Troy. We knew all Hunter would want to do is sell the big train at the front of the museum so we were letting him look at it (he actually wanted us to ride it) and then noticed that there was a sign that you had to pay $6 a person to walk through the outdoor museum. The gate was open so we never saw the sign until Hunter had already been looking at the train for about 30 minutes. I knew Hunter didn’t care about anything else there so we just snuck out cause $6 per person just to look at one train that we have already been looking at was not in our budget.. haha! He didn’t care he was content that he got to see the big Black James as he called it.

It was getting close to his nap time so I was hoping he would go to sleep since he was in need of a nap really bad... he fell asleep but I wanted to stop at Sikes and Konn’s to try on some shoes so Matt sat in the car with him so he would stay asleep. I wasn’t in the car more than 15 minutes when a little sleepy boy snuck up on me because he was wide awake from his “nap” and wanted his mommy. I was so hoping he wasn’t going to be in a bad mood the rest of the trip from not having a good nap but he wasn’t :-)

When we arrived at Emerald Isle condo’s we were more than impressed with our room. It was super nice and Hunter was just thrilled we were at the beach and the ocean.
Once we unloaded the car and got everything in the room, Matt and I went to the grocery store while Grammy and Grandad took Sara, Luke and Hunter to the beach to play for a little bit.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Happy Easter! Easter morning I was in bed sick... just having issues with my heart and trying to get everything straightened out. Matt was afraid to leave me so unfortunately we missed church. But the Easter Bunny didn't forget to come see Hunter Man!!

After I rested for a while I managed to get up and go to my grandparents for lunch. We enjoyed spending time with the family and Hunter enjoyed playing ball with his cousin Matt. Cousin Matt is so wonderful with Hunter... he is patient with him and full of energy (which is a plus because Hunter never seems to run out of energy these days)

Easter Eve

The Saturday before Easter we went to my Aunt Darnell’s house in Childersburg to hunt eggs. All of the kids love Aunt Darnell because she spoils them rotten! After practicing the week before at Grace Baptist he was now an egg hunting pro. He did wonderful but he is also very sweet when he hunts... if another smaller kid is going towards the same egg he will let that kid get it. I hope this generosity stays with him for years to come. He had a blast hunting eggs, playing baseball, swinging in the swing with Uncle Collin, and eating his chewing gum that his wonderful MawMaw gave him :-)
My Dad "Pawpaw" and Hunter love to mess with eachother

After that we went to Grammy and Grandad’s to eat and hunt eggs. All of those kids are so much fun to watch.

Easter at Grace Baptist

We started the Easter celebrations the Sunday before Easter by going to a egg hunter at my parent’s church. I went to this church as a child some and most of my Dad’s family goes there so it is basically like home to me. The people there are very sweet and love Hunter to death. He had fun finding eggs!

Aunt Darnell gave him a chocolate bunny as he went in the door from hunting and he guarded that thing with all his might. If someone wanted to see how many eggs he found he would grab that bunny out first and hide it behind his back and then let them look in his basket. It was too funny!

Of course who could turn down doing flips with Daddy 

Finally Mimi and Pops showed Hunter that there was candy in the eggs. He couldn’t care less about the bunny right now cause he has more candy!!

(and then there is me, not so happy that he found the candy and eating it before supper.. haha)