Sunday, March 18, 2012

Under the Weather

We have all been under the weather here lately. The pollen has been insane to where it seems like our allergies and sinuses are here to stay for a while. Last Wednesday Hunter got sick so Matt and I took him to the doctor... When we got there he seemed ok but then they took his temperature and it was 101 so we knew it was something. The doctor wanted to look at his throat because strep has been going around. She told him to say AAHhh while she held a light to look at his throat. This silly boy wasn't having it. He shook his head no and told her to do it. He wanted her to open her mouth and say AAHhh. You would think after she did it for him that he would open his mouth.. heck no! When we were at the house he told me his head hurt.. wasn't sure if it really hurt or if he was just saying that since I have said my head hurt a lot lately (crazy migraines). When the doctor asked him if his head hurt he told her yes and it was because he fell and hit his head in the bathroom... WHAT?!?! He has not fallen and hit his head....where do kids come up with these stories!?! Since headache and being sick are some signs of strep they just went ahead and did a mouth swap to check and thank goodness it came back negative. However when we took him back to the doctor the following Monday, we discovered that he had RSV so we had to keep him in the house for a while. He is so ready to get out an about. He finally got to the past couple of days and it has worn him out.
He did however get an awesome Yoda tattoo.....

Matt and I had to take some clothes back to Birmingham yesterday and look for some things for the beach trip that is coming up. Hunter loves Curious George lately and so when we found this shirt we knew it was perfect. I am not a fan of graphic shirts like this usually but who can turn down Curious George... I loved him as a kid so I don't mind passing down that love :-) When we showed it to Hunter he was so excited. Figured he would want to wear it immediately and we would have to beg him to take it off after a day or so. However, we have discovered that he doesn't want to wear it.. he just wants to hold it. I have explained that it is a shirt but he is not buying it. Honestly who said you HAD to wear shirts?!?! Never a dull moment with him!