Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walking in the Woods

Lately it seems that we have been stuck in the house for one reason or another and we needed some fresh air... so what better way to get fresh air and wear out a 2 year old than to go walking in the woods at Grammy and Grandads house. He had a blast exploring all the different things and looking for "deer tracks". It was still hunting season at this time so I was a little cautious of where we were walking because we were basically walking in the middle of a hunting field... But as loud as we were I'm sure those hunter's heard us coming from a mile away! It was fun just listening to all of Hunter's "stories" (gosh he can come up with some crazy ones) and spending good family time together. There is a creek that I am sure will be calling Hunter's name this summer and a pond that he will have a blast fishing at. I don't think we will ever see him again :-)

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