Saturday, February 25, 2012


Lately things have been pretty busy... school has kept Matt very busy with test, preceptors (interning at the hospital), clinicals, etc. It is his last semester so they are pushing everything on them at once to make sure they test them everything before they leave. I know he can't wait for school to be over with but we are so proud of him for sticking with it over these past couple of years. He is very smart and is going to do wonders at his job in the future. Hunter has been growing way too fast lately. He just hit another growth spurt... one day his pants were the perfect length and then honestly the next day he had on some of his normal pants and it looked like he was waiting on the next flood to come to town. It is so depressing :-( He also is pretty much potty trained!!!! The only time he wears a diaper is during nap times and when he goes to bed at night. I am so proud of him!

The other day Dairy Queen had buy one get one free day so of course we had to take advantage of it... (I think it is a rule.. just saying)

Hunter is also enjoying helping whoever is in the kitchen cook. I think he is going to grow up to be just like his Daddy (gosh we hope so!)

We have had times where a donut or two would be in the house.. we try to not let that happen but we are only human :-) Hunter would never try one, which can be a good thing because once you try one you are doomed! After 2.5 years he FINALLY gave in and let me tell ya.. he got mad when Matt would even try to take a bite. Looks like he is a big fan!

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