Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Creating the PERFECT Man

Generations before Matt and I, the women would stay at home and take care of the kids, cook supper, wash dishes and etc. Well the times..they are a changing. I thank my mother-in-law all the time that she spent the time and taught Matt how to cook and do other things around the house. He is an amazing husband, father, and man... and I pray that Hunter grows up to be just like him.

The other night Matt was fixing supper and Hunter always wants to help but on this night he couldn't so he decided he would fix me supper himself...his pizza was the BEST!

Then he had fun washing dishes...all though we had fun, I think more water ended up on the floor than it did washing the dishes clean. He enjoys it now... let's hope he enjoys it when he becomes a teenager :-)

Look at that sneak face... this would be where the kitchen starts to look more like a pool than a kitchen.. haha

Monday, January 9, 2012

McWane Center

It has been raining the past couple of days and that equals to boredum to a child. Since Matt started back to school this week, we decided that we needed to do one more thing as a family because with his crazy schedule with clinicals, test, etc. we never know when we might get that chance again until this semester is through. The McWane Center was featuring trains and winter wonderland... I knew we would have a blast. Hunter didn't know too much about where we were going.. all he understood was trains and playing, so he was ALL in!

To be honest, I think Hunter could have stayed and played in the water section all day if we would have let him.

The floor in this room slanted so it was fun to run up and down. Then he realized that we were on camera and he could watch us run up and down.. even better :-)

The trains were amazing. I didn't really know what to expect but the collections were so interesting. The owners set up each set with its own town.. every detail was there from people, roads, to even snow.

There was a Thomas the Train set up to where you could drive Percy or Thomas. Only one of the buttons worked in the "conductors" seat but it was set up to where the kids didn't know the difference. He was on cloud 9!

This is Hunter and me inside a rocket ship. Inside was the pilot and co-pilot seats and all of the buttons.. I litterly had to drag him out of that thing.

Hunter caught his first fish!!

Hunter and Matt's hands...

The Center had a set up to where the kids could play in the "snow". The snow was silky feeling.. it didnt stick together nor melt. Perfect.. yet since I am a texture person, the texture bothered me completely :-)
Their number one rule was no throwing the snow.. gosh they knew my son was in there didn't they!? We had to watch him closly and stop him from trying to throw the snow about 4 times within 1 or 2 minutes. That boy loves to throw!