Monday, December 26, 2011


Merry Christmas! I can't believe it is Christmas already, boy did it sneak up on us!
On Christmas Eve we attempted to go to the Communion service at the church, however it didn't work out too well. Hunter did amazing considering he is only 2 years old but he was just way too excited and wanting to play for the service. (he wanted to climb under the pews to the back section where Aunt Tanya and everyone was sitting). There is something about sanctuaries that make little kids just want to run wild. Soo we decided to head home until it was time to go to Papaw Brannen's house. We had a wonderful time with family and good food. When we got home it was pretty late for Hunter but I reminded him that we needed to leave cookies and milk for Santa... his response was "I did" and just kept laying in bed. I repeated myself and he told me "I did" again.. but in a different tone.. kind of like "Look I did last year and by golly he is not getting any this year" Poor Santa.. hope the other houses fed him a lot because Hunter felt like he didn't need any more cookies. I really hope Santa didn't get his feelings hurt and not visit next year :-)

Hunter enjoyed his Christmas morning and at lunch we headed to MaMaw and Papaw Jones' house where he won $40! He was sooo excited!! Looks like that money is going into his savings account to save up for something special one day... Then it was off to the Diffie's where we enjoyed some delicious food and Hunter enjoyed playing on their ramp in the house. We have so got to get him a ramp one day.. haha He stayed on that thing the whole night.. either laying on it or rolling the cars up and down it. He had a blast!

I am getting exhausted from all the traveling around but it is completely worth it and I would not trade it for the world. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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