Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 1

Since we have so many families to visit during the holidays.. we decided to try to spread it out as much as possible so that we could actually enjoy spending time at each place. In years past we are rushing here and there and never get to truly enjoy time spent with everyone. So we decided to start off the Christmas holidays by going to my Mom's the Thursday before Christmas to eat supper and open presents. I am not a big fan of "holiday" food so I was really wanting pizza or something not "traditional". I loved it!

Hunter is the only grandchild on this side so needless to say all the presents under the tree use to be mine but I have been replaced... they are all Hunters!!! He was blessed beyond measure and we enjoyed watching him open because he was so excited and enthusiastic about every one of the presents.

Not too thrilled that we are taking his picture while eating his delicious pizza..

He loves his remote control fire truck!!

Matt and I were trying to get Hunter's M&M's from him. For some reason he didn't want to share :-)

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