Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween Hunter went as a train conductor. When the costume came in the mail he was very excited about it.. then all of a sudden he started going through a phase where he only wanted to where green shirts and if it was not a green shirt he had on, it was definitely something he picked out. Well considering his pickiness now..he did not want to wear his costume. Grammy convinced him that he could not get candy if he does not wear it... well candy was the best word because he was all excited then, thank goodness!!!

Did you know if you put Milk Duds on top of your head it makes them taste better?

The best candy is always at the bottom of the bag!

Hunter and his Pawpaw (or Papa.. whichever Hunter decides for the day!)

Hunter and his Pops

Hunter and his Mimi.. I mean the FBI agent

Gosh they are so alike..on the same foot, left arm down, right arm up... it's like looking into the future :-(

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