Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cutting Grass

Isn’t it funny how when you don’t have to do something it becomes not a “chore” and you enjoy that activity but as soon as you have to do it.. you don’t want to. Well Hunter enjoys cutting Mimi and Pops grass...

But loves chasing Maggie around with it a whole lot more!!

Popcorn is always good after a long hard days work of harassing Maggie with the lawn mower :-)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Football fun

With our busy schedules we try to fit in as many "family" days as we can. This Saturday was our family day... we started off going to walk my boss's dogs while he was out of town then we went and ate breakfast and spent the rest of the morning playing around the house. Aunt Tanya, Uncle Craig and Luke went to the Bama game and Sara went to Six Flags so their house was empty. Matt went and ahead and told her that we would be there to watch the Auburn then the Alabama game. On their back deck they have a TV, fireplace, grill, everything that a man could want :-) So Matt was very happy that they got tickets and were able to go to the game.. haha!

Hunter has been given Matt's first Carhart toboggan... "little Matt" was sooo excited! However at first he only wanted to wear it in the car and not out of the car... hopefully he will understand the usefulness of the hat.

We were outside around the fire and watching the game and I thought that would be a good time to take pictures. Even though I didn't feel good I still tried and wanted to take a picture of the family... I sat Hunter in my lap and when I told him to smile..this is the look he gave me... (gotta love him!)

Great he finally takes a picture with me and his eyes are open and we are both focused on the game...that better have been a good play is all I have to say :-)

My favorite two men in the whole wide world!!!