Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beach Part 2

The second night were going to go out to eat but Hunter wanted to play a while after he woke up from his nap so we decided to grab some food and eat in the room (which I always enjoy). Hunter was completely exhausted from playing so hard all day. He would just sit with eyes glazed over watching Nemo and it was only 6:30might I add. The next morning he slept until about 7.. so he was definitely one tired little puppy. He jumped right up and announced to everyone he was ready to go play in the sand. I had to beg him to eat a waffle first and then we can go play. We walked the beach for a little bit and found a huge crab! Hunter just kept telling us to throw it back in the ocean. He was not a big fan of things being out of the ocean. He spent most of his time throwing sand or sea shells back into the water. We came to the conclusion that he was allowing the people who get the sand out of the ocean to keep their jobs. Such a sweet and thoughtful little one!

It was our last night and we were going to order from Schooner’s because it was next door. I wanted to walk over there to get the food and the whole family ended up going. I didn’t realize they had decided just to eat there or I would have actually fixed myself a little bit.. oh well.. I just looked like a local J After supper Hunter decided he wanted ice cream and I needed to get some motion sickness medicine for the ride in the morning. On the way back the song “Can’t you see” by the Marshall Tucker Band was playing and Hunter started actually singing along with it..gosh he makes me proud. We hate to leave the beach but know we have to get back to reality. Hunter isn’t going to understand that Tuesday morning he can’t go play in the sand :-)

Beach Part 1

With Matt and I in school, our family was in need of a vacation..desperately! My mom and Mike were going to the beach and invited us to tag-a-long. Thank you!! We had a blast. Hunter has gone to the beach every year since he was born but this year he seemed more excited than ever. We ended up getting to the beach around 11 Friday night... of course Hunter slept a little on the way but not enough to have messed up his sleep schedule (so we thought)...when we got there is was wide awake!!! He probably stayed up until around 1:30 or 2 that next morning. We were all about to DIE of exhaustion! When he finally gave up we did too.

The next morning he woke up and jumped out of bed immediately. He was ready to head to the beach. We sat on the balcony and ate strawberry poptarts (nutritious I know, but he likes them!) and then made our way to the beach.

He was soo excited! I got him a beach toy bag in the shape of a crab and he wouldn’t let go over it. He put his beach toys in it and was in beach heaven. I am so glad that he loves the beach... it confirms that he is really our child :-)

The weather was perfect, I could not imagine the putting up with the heat in July or August. September and October is perfect for me. The water was crystal clear... there was some sea weed wanting to come in but never affected our area. The sand bar was high too so Hunter could walk out into the ocean without us holding him if he wanted to (that is until the fish started messing with his feet and then he wanted us to hold him). I do not like the ocean... terrified of it. Has anyone watched Jaws... my point exactly. I do not mind adventure but walking straight into danger is not my cup of tea. However, this handsome blue eyed blonde hair little boy asked me to come play with him in the ocean and I fell for it. We had a blast!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Things have been very busy in the Brannen house lately. Matt is in his last year of nursing school and of course it is his busiest. If he is not in class, he is in clinicals or either studying. I am in my last semester of school and will be finished at the end of October. (counting down the days) We joke that when Hunter gets to school.. he will already understand the words homework and studying. Those two words have been second nature to him since he was born. Poor thing.. that's all he thinks his parents do now. I hate that we are so busy with school and we miss spending family "quality" time together. But we know in the end it will all be worth it. We do try to stop and take time out to spend with Hunter.. it might not be all three of us but we take the time whenever we can.

Hunter is reaching that phase where he is testing his boundaries. He wanted to see what he can get away with. At times it is funny (of course we can't show him we are laughing) but at times he is just mean. The other day at supper he literally looked and me and pour his cup of tea out into the floor... Really?! You would have thought that would have been the only time that night... try 2 more times. He got lucky and we had left two cups out from earlier that day. I won't make that mistake again... maybe he is trying to remind me to clean up! haha.

Anyways.. we are all doing good just staying busy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Rainy Days

Rainy days make some people sad and sleepy. Not Hunter... rainy days make him so happy! He wants to see the rain and then of course play in it. There is a section in our drive way that is not level so rain gets caught in that one spot... I hate it when you are trying not to get wet :-/

Hunter saw it outside and you could just see it in his eyes that he wanted to play sooo bad. I told him let me go ask your Daddy and the next thing I knew he was already in the water.

He thought it was so funny that his "camo" shoes got wet!
Hunter has a way of reminding us that rainy days aren't "sad" days.. they are a blessing from God and we should make the most of it! Thank you Hunter....