Thursday, August 4, 2011

We finally got to pick blueberries the other morning. I really do enjoy picking them.. when we get out there it is usually quiet and it gives you a moment to think to yourself and/or Matt and I are able to talk without many interruptions. Hunter came down the hill from Grammy and Grandads to help us pick some. He didn't last long (he doesn't find it nearly as relaxing as I do) because he wanted to go ride the Bull Dog around the yard with Grandad. He tends to eat more than he puts in a bucket. :-)
I found a new recipe the other day called chicken pillows. While I was at work Matt decided to give this recipe a shot. It was delicious. Hunter actually ate it... I guess he liked it so much that he went into the cabinet and grabbed a Tupperware bowl (I didn't question it cause he always plays with them).. this time he took it to the table and started putting the food that he wasn't able to eat into the bowl. He wanted me to make sure that I had it for him later. I tried to sneak and take the picture before he stopped so I was not able to get a good one.

Ice cream heals anything!

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