Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Wanted: Missing Toothbrush...

It seems that in our house we have a toothbrush thief on the loose. I have been told that his name is Hunter Brannen so if you see him hide your toothbrush or else it becomes his.

This little stinker is obsessed with brushing his teeth now.. he could brush them 10 times a day. No joke! I am not complaining but gosh now he has resorted to stealing my toothbrush and his cousin Sara's. :-) Seems that he doesn't care too much about germs as his mother does. It completely grosses me out to even think about sharing a toothbrush with someone else. I would much rather put toothpaste on my finger and brush my teeth if that was all I had available. Sorry Hunter.. you are a lot tougher than I am!!

He may not mind sharing a toothbrush but  gosh those hands better not get too dirty without a towel around (just like his mother on that one.. sorry Matt!)

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