Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rocks and Mud

While Daddy was in evening class in Talladega, Hunter and I decided it was a good day to play outside. Today it was warm but not miserable hot outside. When Matt's parents lived here, a part of the back yard was for their garden and they had walking path of rocks. Now that we live here, the garden is gone but Hunter has realized that the rocks stayed. He loves rocks and when he found them (yes today!!) his eyes were big and he was so excited! He spent forever picking up the rocks and putting them in his bucket..then dumping the rocks out and starting all over again.

As I was watering flowers I decided to let a boy be a boy.. we have an area of dirt from where the dog walks and digs all the time... and it was a perfect area for MUD! Hunter grabbed his four-wheeler and tractor and had a blast. I asked if he would take a picture and he said No.. I had to beg for him to take one. I told him if he would take one picture I would stop...this was the look that I got... that little stinker.
He should have known I was going to keep taking pictures :-)

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