Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lazy Saturday...

This past Saturday while Matt was studying.. Hunter and I snuck over to Mimi and Pops house to play. We were having so much fun and thinking we got away with Matt knowing where we were.. however, he found us!! I don't think Hunter minded to much though.. he had a blast jumping up and down on Daddy's stomach. (not sure how much Daddy enjoyed the jumping part.. but Hunter's laugh made it all worth the pain!)

Taking pictures of a little energetic boy jumping up and down was not an easy task. I did the best I could....

Andrew Schmidt gave Hunter this dump truck whenever he gave him his swing set too. (what a precious sweet boy Andrew is!)

He has enjoyed being upside down a lot lately. You could be in the middle of telling him something and he will run over and stand on all fours, while looking down between his back legs.. wow that was hard to explain in words. haha! but maybe from this picture you will get somewhat of the position. Mimi said he Sunday morning this is how he wanted to watch his morning cartoons.. silly boy!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe it has been 5 years since Matt and I got married. Time has definitely flown by! We have gone through a lot this past 5 years that have made us so much closer. He is my best friend and the best father in the world to Hunter. I have never met anymore who is more caring, unselfish, and God fearing, (and can cook!)... Happy Anniversary Matt.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rocks and Mud

While Daddy was in evening class in Talladega, Hunter and I decided it was a good day to play outside. Today it was warm but not miserable hot outside. When Matt's parents lived here, a part of the back yard was for their garden and they had walking path of rocks. Now that we live here, the garden is gone but Hunter has realized that the rocks stayed. He loves rocks and when he found them (yes today!!) his eyes were big and he was so excited! He spent forever picking up the rocks and putting them in his bucket..then dumping the rocks out and starting all over again.

As I was watering flowers I decided to let a boy be a boy.. we have an area of dirt from where the dog walks and digs all the time... and it was a perfect area for MUD! Hunter grabbed his four-wheeler and tractor and had a blast. I asked if he would take a picture and he said No.. I had to beg for him to take one. I told him if he would take one picture I would stop...this was the look that I got... that little stinker.
He should have known I was going to keep taking pictures :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Wanted: Missing Toothbrush...

It seems that in our house we have a toothbrush thief on the loose. I have been told that his name is Hunter Brannen so if you see him hide your toothbrush or else it becomes his.

This little stinker is obsessed with brushing his teeth now.. he could brush them 10 times a day. No joke! I am not complaining but gosh now he has resorted to stealing my toothbrush and his cousin Sara's. :-) Seems that he doesn't care too much about germs as his mother does. It completely grosses me out to even think about sharing a toothbrush with someone else. I would much rather put toothpaste on my finger and brush my teeth if that was all I had available. Sorry Hunter.. you are a lot tougher than I am!!

He may not mind sharing a toothbrush but  gosh those hands better not get too dirty without a towel around (just like his mother on that one.. sorry Matt!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

We finally got to pick blueberries the other morning. I really do enjoy picking them.. when we get out there it is usually quiet and it gives you a moment to think to yourself and/or Matt and I are able to talk without many interruptions. Hunter came down the hill from Grammy and Grandads to help us pick some. He didn't last long (he doesn't find it nearly as relaxing as I do) because he wanted to go ride the Bull Dog around the yard with Grandad. He tends to eat more than he puts in a bucket. :-)
I found a new recipe the other day called chicken pillows. While I was at work Matt decided to give this recipe a shot. It was delicious. Hunter actually ate it... I guess he liked it so much that he went into the cabinet and grabbed a Tupperware bowl (I didn't question it cause he always plays with them).. this time he took it to the table and started putting the food that he wasn't able to eat into the bowl. He wanted me to make sure that I had it for him later. I tried to sneak and take the picture before he stopped so I was not able to get a good one.

Ice cream heals anything!

Fun with Daddy

Matt has been studying a lot lately trying to get through his last summer semester in nursing school. Him and Hunter have definitely missed eachother. I am so proud of all of the hard work he has put in. He is so smart and will be a terrific nurse. Matt finally realized that he needed to take a little break or else he will get burned out.

During one break Matt and Hunter put the telescope on his fort so that he can spy on everyone in the yard. It has been so hot outside that they didn't stay out long but I know Hunter enjoyed every minute of it (even Matt did too). Once Hunter saw me outside he immediately stopped helping his daddy... of course he would.. I tried to get a "bonding moment" picture!

We had the honor of going to Thomas Mullins' bday party at IJump. Hunter still wasn't confident going up the big slides by himself so he convinced Matt to go with him!!! :-) They both had a BLAST!