Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rain Rain...

We went weeks without seeing a drop of rain, all of the plants were dying and it was just plain HOT! I guess everyone has been praying for rain because this past week it seems like that is all that it has done. The plants sure have needed it but it has been hard on little ones who are wanting to play outside (and hard on parents trying to entertain them). We had a break in the rain and went outside to swim and, of course, it started to rain. It wasn't thundering or lightening so it was still ok to swim for now. We walked outside towards the pool and my silly son asks for his rain jacket! I informed him that he did not need a rain jacket since he was about to go get in the pool and get wet... (he still didn't quite understand why I wasn't bringing him his jacket.. oh well!)
He enjoyed splashing cousin Savannah
What an mischievous face
They all enjoyed playing "chicken"

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