Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finally feels like summer

It is starting to feel like summer already. I got in my car today and it was literally 108 degrees in my car. I am afraid to know what August will feel like. I am going to have to stay inside or wear ice packs around everyone to keep me cool. The heat has not bothered Hunter one bit.. I think he has enjoyed it even more now.
He found his helmet in the house and walked around the house forever with it on his head. He has been a little clumsy lately so I guess he put it on for protection in case he fell again....or maybe it was just to humor me. Either way... it worked!

Oh yeah and yes we do dress our son but as hot as it was this day there was no need for more than a diaper :-)

Matt was digging in the yard and all Hunter's little eyes could see was DIRT and more DIRT! He had a very good "tan" after playing and I had the honor of doing laundry... something is wrong with this picture....

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