Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Barron's Game

Thanks to Uncle Brandon, we had the privilege of taking Hunter to his first Barron's baseball game. We got to sit in the Coke box, eat snacks, play with all of his cousins, and enjoy time with the family. As soon as we got there, Matt and I were sitting in the seats outside of the box when all of a sudden we see this baseball fly over the edge of the rail heading towards where all of the other fans were sitting. Now who would have thrown a baseball over the edge?!?! The one and only Hunter. He found a ball in the room (on a table for display) and decided a ball was meant to be thrown so that's what he did indeed. I am so glad that it did not hit anyone below and I really hope that ball was not valuable :-/

Anyway... Hunter really enjoyed the game! In the end he got to watch fireworks for the first time ever. I was nervous if the sound of them would scare him or not but he loved them (even with it being 11 at night). He woke up the next morning and kept saying he wanted to see fireworks.. poor buddy!!
When I was a little girl (and sometimes now) I was terrified of any one dressed up as a character. I always had a fear that it was someone bad underneath the suit. I have never told Hunter about that because I did not want my issue with them to influence him. HOWEVER.. I have quickly learned that my son might be just like me when it comes to characters. He was not happy about this "dog" in our box... haha! He did not want to give him a five or anything. Of course he made me hold him and did not want me to face him to where I was not between him and the "dog". :-)
This was him still telling me about "that dog" as he kept calling him!!!

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