Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bringing the old back

Hunter has been a big burst of energy lately and every moment is something new with him. Tonight he decided to mix it up and bring the old stuff back. He wanted to wear his pajamas that still fit in the waist but look as if he is waiting for a big flood and he wanted to play with his older toys. He had a blast! I have to admit I had to put the batteries back in it before we could play because this dog freaks me out..... it will start playing in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. I am not a big fan of that.
Ususally when I bring the camera out he turns away.. tonight he surprised me with another change... he actually looked at the camera and smiled. Wow!! Baby Steps!!!
This is his "cheese" smile!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Content as he can be... just happy playing by himself with his kitchen. He would put the food one by one in the "shopping" bag and one by one take them out again. This went on a couple of times. He didn't mind that no one was playing with him at that time. I actually believe if we were playing with him, we would have messed up his rhythm.

Hunter's favorite things right now:
1. singing "twinkle twinkle little star", "yes Jesus loves me", "happy birthday to you", "the wheels on the bus"
2. making up stories (ex: while pushing him last night in his swing outside, he started telling me about how he got bit by a rattle snake and he cried. Of course this did not happen but I really enjoy his imagination)
3. dill pickles
4. sweet tea
5. strawberries
6. Cars

Before each meal we always say the blessing. We have a certain one that we say each time with Hunter. The other night he wanted to say it and started out like normal and went into his own thing. He started thanking God for Mimi, Pops, Nana, Papa (Pawpaw), Grammy and Grandad. It was such a proud moment hearing him really thank the Lord for his grandparents. I hope that as he gets older he will continue talking to God and thanking him for all of his many blessings.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Barron's Game

Thanks to Uncle Brandon, we had the privilege of taking Hunter to his first Barron's baseball game. We got to sit in the Coke box, eat snacks, play with all of his cousins, and enjoy time with the family. As soon as we got there, Matt and I were sitting in the seats outside of the box when all of a sudden we see this baseball fly over the edge of the rail heading towards where all of the other fans were sitting. Now who would have thrown a baseball over the edge?!?! The one and only Hunter. He found a ball in the room (on a table for display) and decided a ball was meant to be thrown so that's what he did indeed. I am so glad that it did not hit anyone below and I really hope that ball was not valuable :-/

Anyway... Hunter really enjoyed the game! In the end he got to watch fireworks for the first time ever. I was nervous if the sound of them would scare him or not but he loved them (even with it being 11 at night). He woke up the next morning and kept saying he wanted to see fireworks.. poor buddy!!
When I was a little girl (and sometimes now) I was terrified of any one dressed up as a character. I always had a fear that it was someone bad underneath the suit. I have never told Hunter about that because I did not want my issue with them to influence him. HOWEVER.. I have quickly learned that my son might be just like me when it comes to characters. He was not happy about this "dog" in our box... haha! He did not want to give him a five or anything. Of course he made me hold him and did not want me to face him to where I was not between him and the "dog". :-)
This was him still telling me about "that dog" as he kept calling him!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Play Date

Today we had the honor of having Ben, Sarah and Kane over to cookout. Hunter and Kane have never gotten to play together one on one before and so Sarah and I knew it was a much needed play date! The boys had a blast riding the gator, swimming in the pool, and sliding on the slide. I think these two boys had the most fun riding the gator.. the way Hunter drives I really think we need to find Kane a seat belt. There were so many times I thought he was going to fall out!!

Can you tell it was getting very close to bed time???
I enjoyed having a kid look at the camera and smile for me... I was really soaking it up and enjoyed taking pictures of him!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finally feels like summer

It is starting to feel like summer already. I got in my car today and it was literally 108 degrees in my car. I am afraid to know what August will feel like. I am going to have to stay inside or wear ice packs around everyone to keep me cool. The heat has not bothered Hunter one bit.. I think he has enjoyed it even more now.
He found his helmet in the house and walked around the house forever with it on his head. He has been a little clumsy lately so I guess he put it on for protection in case he fell again....or maybe it was just to humor me. Either way... it worked!

Oh yeah and yes we do dress our son but as hot as it was this day there was no need for more than a diaper :-)

Matt was digging in the yard and all Hunter's little eyes could see was DIRT and more DIRT! He had a very good "tan" after playing and I had the honor of doing laundry... something is wrong with this picture....