Monday, May 23, 2011

Parties and Cars

We had a blast at Lyla Grace's birthday party Sunday at the park. Her parents provided a jumperoo (or whatever you call it) for the kids to play in. I wasn't sure if Hunter would get in it or not but he surprised me.. He jumped right in and LOVED it!!!Hunter could eat ice all day long. There were a couple of coolers out filled with drinks. He went to each one by one for about 5 minutes or so getting ice out of each one of them. You would think that we never fed or gave the child a drink ever :-)

Since he loves being outside so much.. he has learned how to wash cars. He is such a big help.. he will dip his hands in the bucket of soap and wash the car with his hands. Once he gets through he will look at me and say "More?" and of course I say more and there he goes washing the car some more. He is the best car washer in town (and the cutest I might add)

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