Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best Friends

When Hunter was born I was really nervous to see how Sysco was going to respond to Hunter. Yes he has been around children all of his life but this time the child belonged to his owners. This child wasn't going home because he already was home. When it is cold or raining outside we let Sysco in... it was so funny to see his expression when Hunter would start crying. It was almost like he was looking at us and wondering "Where in the world did you get this noisy person". As Hunter got older.. they became very fond of each other. Hunter always chases him and holds his tail while Sysco pulls him around the yard. We try to get him to stop pulling his tail but Sysco doesn't ever seem to mind. He has a high tolerance for Hunter and doesn't mind when Hunter tries to throw the ball at his direction and hits him every single time.. I guess he is thinking like we do.. "He is pretty accurate with his throw!!" These two spend countless hours messing with each other and having a good time!

Meet Sysco...
(still can't figure out what he was looking for)
When I asked him who started picking on who first.. this was the expression I got.. Can you only imagine the response that was coming after it. Looks like he was about to really tell a good story!
Best Friends Forever
(yes I have cleaned the side of the house now... it gets so dirty from where Sysco lays there ALL the time)

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