Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

We had the honor of celebrating Memorial Day at Matt's sister, Tanya's, house. We cooked out and swam with wonderful friends and family. Before everyone got there we went early and swam a little bit because I knew it was going to be Hunter's nap time soon. Well he saw the cookies that Mimi and Pops brought and was not very happy to find out that we have not told him that his two favorite foods peanut butter and cookies can be made together. This was the look we got for not telling him. Needless to say he couldn't just eat one :-)My silly boy found some green goggles of his cousins, Sara and Luke!

This is Hunter's favorite place to be in the pool.......
Mainly because he gets to do this to his Daddy's head.... haha!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Parties and Cars

We had a blast at Lyla Grace's birthday party Sunday at the park. Her parents provided a jumperoo (or whatever you call it) for the kids to play in. I wasn't sure if Hunter would get in it or not but he surprised me.. He jumped right in and LOVED it!!!Hunter could eat ice all day long. There were a couple of coolers out filled with drinks. He went to each one by one for about 5 minutes or so getting ice out of each one of them. You would think that we never fed or gave the child a drink ever :-)

Since he loves being outside so much.. he has learned how to wash cars. He is such a big help.. he will dip his hands in the bucket of soap and wash the car with his hands. Once he gets through he will look at me and say "More?" and of course I say more and there he goes washing the car some more. He is the best car washer in town (and the cutest I might add)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Wow time has flown by, I can't believe my little man is now 2. I have enjoyed these past two years and wouldn't trade them for the world. I have never laughed more in my life since he came into this world. He is so sweet yet michevious..... plays practical jokes yet is so tenderhearted and would never want to hurt you on purpose.

For this amazing little 2 year old he decided that he wanted cows and tractors and what better place to make that happen than Nana and Papa's. They have all of that in one place. Perfect!! Hunter got to ride a tractor, talk to the cows (he is not too fond of getting too close to them.. they have a love/hate relationship), eat candy, cake, and ice cream. He was in heaven. After the party he told me he has a lot of fun. It melted my heart to hear that he had fun and enjoyed himself.

Hunter told me that he wanted a cow cake. I told him I would make that happen but I wanted to throw a creative twist on the cake. I have seen where people make a cake out of cupcakes and I was determined to do that with a cow. Mom and I spent hours detailing each cupcake and making sure that everything went in its place. At home it was somewhat of a cow cake (if you turned your head and squinted your eyes.. haha) But it worked! Then I transported them to Papa's and loaded them up in no real particular order.. boy was that a mistake. I unloaded them and had NO idea how to put it back together. I even had a picture to go off of.. Oh well.. we had some colorful cupcakes instead. Next year I will not be using this type of creativity.

Some of the decorations...
What a sweet family :-)
I asked Hunter what he wanted to eat and he said a pickle... I thought I was in trouble because I know I didn't bring pickles... thank goodness Nana brought some out from her catering shop and saved the craving!!
Some of the friends that joined us on the tractor/hay ride
He really wanted to stay on the tractor

He got his very own bicycle for his birthday!
Getting sweet kisses from the girls...
Finally... He got to sit in the driver's seat of the tractor. This boy was in heaven at this point.
Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Thomas the train came to Birmingham and we knew that we had to figure out a way to take him. We didn't tell him about the trip before hand because I just knew he would want to go right then! Hunter does not really care about "Thomas".. he just loves trains. While all of the kids are getting their picture made with Thomas.. he was on the real trains playing with them and acting like he was driving them. He kept telling me he was the "boose" (caboose).

He really did have a lot of fun. Whenever the horn would blow.. he would yell out as loud as he could "ALL ABOARD". It was too funny!

At the end of the day... this was the position we would find him in. So easily entertained!!!

Thank you Mimi and Pops for a wonderful trip!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best Friends

When Hunter was born I was really nervous to see how Sysco was going to respond to Hunter. Yes he has been around children all of his life but this time the child belonged to his owners. This child wasn't going home because he already was home. When it is cold or raining outside we let Sysco in... it was so funny to see his expression when Hunter would start crying. It was almost like he was looking at us and wondering "Where in the world did you get this noisy person". As Hunter got older.. they became very fond of each other. Hunter always chases him and holds his tail while Sysco pulls him around the yard. We try to get him to stop pulling his tail but Sysco doesn't ever seem to mind. He has a high tolerance for Hunter and doesn't mind when Hunter tries to throw the ball at his direction and hits him every single time.. I guess he is thinking like we do.. "He is pretty accurate with his throw!!" These two spend countless hours messing with each other and having a good time!

Meet Sysco...
(still can't figure out what he was looking for)
When I asked him who started picking on who first.. this was the expression I got.. Can you only imagine the response that was coming after it. Looks like he was about to really tell a good story!
Best Friends Forever
(yes I have cleaned the side of the house now... it gets so dirty from where Sysco lays there ALL the time)