Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hunter can easily be entertained by hiding under covers or in boxes. He will hide and yell "HUNTER..." I guess he is used to us going around the house saying "Hunter" when we are looking for him when he is hiding. So now he thinks that whenever you hide.. no matter who is hiding.. you always say "Hunter". It is so cute hearing him say his own name. Absolutely precious!
The other day I was trying to clean up the house and threw a box on the floor and when I came back in the room he was under the cover reading a book but of course when I wanted to take a picture he took the covers off of his head. I have to admit.. I would much rather take a picture of his precious face that of the blanket. His imagination is in full force lately. He enjoys playing "pretend" and even is beginning to talk to himself as he is playing.. as if he has imaginary friends. I would give anything to be in his world and see the world through his eyes. The innocence of a child is amazing!!

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