Saturday, April 2, 2011

Career and Baseball

Matt is going to nursing school and he always has supplies and things laying around. Thankfully Hunter got a medical kit for Christmas so that he can be just like Daddy and hopefully leave Daddy's things alone. I was eating supper and Hunter came in the living room with his phone, stethoscope, and I think a spoon in the other hand. I can just picture him when he is older being an on call doctor who has to keep his phone with him and trying to eat at the same time. OR maybe he will be a chef too.. (that would be wonderful... think he will cook for me every night?!?!) Hunter is full of imagination now and loves to pretend play. It is very entertaining to watch and listen to him.

This past Saturday it was beautiful outside and Luke had a baseball game so after Hunter's nap we decided we would let him blow off that built up energy. I tried to take a picture of him running around and playing but that was not going to happen! I asked him if I could please take a picture and he said no.. so I put the camera up and he looked at me and said "Cheese". Gotta love how he messes with me!
At the end of the game I was able to sneak ONE picture of him actually looking at the camera.

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