Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I learned today that my child can be just like me when it comes to money. When we were hunting eggs.. if he found one, he would shake it and if there was money he would put that egg in his basket.. if not, it went back on the ground. Well at the end of the hunt I realized that he had 4 eggs in his basket but in the bottom of the basket was a lot of change. I was informed that he started emptying the money from the eggs into his basket and then putting the egg back together and putting it back on the ground. He is just soo sweet to leave the egg for the others to find :-). He got the most money I'm sure but the least amount of eggs. Sounds like a winner to me!!!

Easter Morning

This is the first Easter that Hunter got to enjoy the Easter Bunny coming to visit him. Last year the Easter Bunny knew he was so young that he saved all of his money and used it to buy him extra things this year. He knew that Hunter loved sunglasses and thought a red pair were perfect. Boy was he right!! He got some trains, books, sunglasses, jelly beans, and soft peppermints (can can). I think the Bunny could have saved his money and just bought him some can can's. He was more excited about that than anything else.
He really wanted his picture taken... haha


Happy Easter!! Little man was full of energy this morning. I am sure the candy had nothing to do with his energy at all :-) Before church I tried to get a picture of him.. I don't know why I even bothered. The whole time he ran around and would stand still until I was able to get to where he was and then he would take off. I think that Matt had a talk with him when he was born and gave him all of the secrets to driving his mommy crazy!! haha I wouldn't trade it for the world...
I know he looks mad but he really wasn't. He had just woken up from a nap and was not understanding why I brought out the camera while he was eating. I don't blame him for being aggravated but I did promise him that when he is 70 I will quit taking pictures of him eating!!
Little man knows how to relax and eat his strawberries

Hunter can easily be entertained by hiding under covers or in boxes. He will hide and yell "HUNTER..." I guess he is used to us going around the house saying "Hunter" when we are looking for him when he is hiding. So now he thinks that whenever you hide.. no matter who is hiding.. you always say "Hunter". It is so cute hearing him say his own name. Absolutely precious!
The other day I was trying to clean up the house and threw a box on the floor and when I came back in the room he was under the cover reading a book but of course when I wanted to take a picture he took the covers off of his head. I have to admit.. I would much rather take a picture of his precious face that of the blanket. His imagination is in full force lately. He enjoys playing "pretend" and even is beginning to talk to himself as he is playing.. as if he has imaginary friends. I would give anything to be in his world and see the world through his eyes. The innocence of a child is amazing!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yard Work

When I came home from work, Hunter was helping Matt working in the yard. He loves helping his Daddy and spending time with him. Whatever Matt does, Hunter is right behind him doing the same thing.

When he was helping Matt cut grass, Matt put some ear muffs on his ears so that the lawn mower wouldn't be too loud for him. He thought the ear muffs were pretty awesome. He came in the bedroom to try to take a nap and he insisted on leaving them on. Needless to say.. he did not get a nap! I started wondering if he kept them on so he couldn't hear me... who knows!?! :-)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Career and Baseball

Matt is going to nursing school and he always has supplies and things laying around. Thankfully Hunter got a medical kit for Christmas so that he can be just like Daddy and hopefully leave Daddy's things alone. I was eating supper and Hunter came in the living room with his phone, stethoscope, and I think a spoon in the other hand. I can just picture him when he is older being an on call doctor who has to keep his phone with him and trying to eat at the same time. OR maybe he will be a chef too.. (that would be wonderful... think he will cook for me every night?!?!) Hunter is full of imagination now and loves to pretend play. It is very entertaining to watch and listen to him.

This past Saturday it was beautiful outside and Luke had a baseball game so after Hunter's nap we decided we would let him blow off that built up energy. I tried to take a picture of him running around and playing but that was not going to happen! I asked him if I could please take a picture and he said no.. so I put the camera up and he looked at me and said "Cheese". Gotta love how he messes with me!
At the end of the game I was able to sneak ONE picture of him actually looking at the camera.