Friday, March 25, 2011


During Spring Break, Sara and Luke asked if they could camp out. I don't mean go to Wind Creek and stay in a camper... Noooo they wanted to rough it in a tent and cook their supper over an open fire. We decided to go eat supper and fix smores one night before they went to bed. We did not stay with them in the tent overnight, I knew down the road there was a nice warm bed that seemed to be calling my name! They camped up on the top of a hill off of Hwy 280.. the view is beautiful when the sun is going down.
Mrs. Judy Owens gave Hunter some graham crackers one day and he fell in love with them. He would ask for "Mrs. Judy's cookies". When we made smores he saw those "cookies" and was just content eating those... then he saw the chocolate bars. Now I am convinced he is my son... those chocolate bars are delicious!!! :-)
It is amazing that this land is right off of 280 and when you are on top of the hill you do not hear the cars going by or the commotion of everything always being in a hurry. Up here it is peaceful and relaxing... If I ever disappear one day... look here first... haha