Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mimi and Pops took Hunter to see Mawmaw and Pawpaw Jones and boy did Hunter have fun. There was so many new things for him to get into and explore. Honestly... as long as he is outside, he is happy.

We like to think that he was trying to go into the barn to see Pops and Pawpaw Jones.. but he was really shutting them inside. He just had to make sure they were in there first :-)

The best part was seeing the train go by... they live right near a train track and if you are new to that area you hear the train all of the time, but once you spend a lot of time there you tend to tune it out. Hunter is soo fascinated with trains or as he calls them "Choo Ch00"

Hunter is one amazing little boy. I know I am his parent but he is so smart, caring and full of personality. He talks 90 to nothing now and can pretty much say anything that he wants to and the things that he can't say... he will try his hardest. Right now he loves Cows, trucks, tractors, blocks, cookies (he doesn't really eat them.. he just really likes the word) and fries. When and if we go through a drive thru and we are about to place our order, he is hollering "Fries Fries" so loudly that we usually have to repeat our order a couple of times. Yes we do get him some fries but we make him try to eat chicken nuggets or something first. He is definitely a boy of habit. In the morning he wants his milk and to sit in Daddy's chair. You can try to get him to lay back in bed but it's not going to happen. He even knows when I am going to figure out what I am going to wear that day for work.. he will go to my closet and go through the clothes and go "aww wee" at every shirt. If only he knew how much he makes my day! He loves helping around the house. If you say it is bath time... he will go get his towel and wash cloth out of the drawer and go to the bathroom. He also likes helping Matt and me put the dishes away or "fold" clothes. (we do more unfolding than folding... but it's a lot of fun)

Now there are times that he doesn't want to listen now that he is getting closer to 2 years old. The main way I can get him to go or do somethings is by telling him that cousin Sara will be there or that Sara wants him to do this. It's amazing how he will usually comply. Sara has some secret that I need to know about!! :-)

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  1. he looks so grown up!! these babies need to stop growing! love yall!