Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hunter has shown an interest in cooking and helping in the kitchen. He has seen his Daddy cook and I will watch him try to imitate him by getting the Tupperware and spoons and act like his Daddy. I knew it was time to get my kitchen from my grandparents house for him to play with. All of my cousin's and I enjoyed this kitchen so much when we were Hunter's age and older. I know it may seem "girly" but generations are changing and men are starting to cook. Especially in our house... he sees Matt cooking a whole lot more than me. :-) He was at his Aunt Tanya's while Mimi and Pops brought it over for us to clean up. When he walked in the door he ran over to it and said "Oh WOW!" He was so excited and plays with it all the time. Fortunately it has been moved into his room to try to keep some of the mess confined to one room.

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